Massage - The Windsor Court
Massage - The Windsor Court
50, 80 or 110 minutes
starting at $200
Long fluid motions and a light to medium pressure dislodge stuck energy and restore your body's natural harmony.
Deep Tissue
50, 80 or 110 minutes
starting at $210
Realign the deeper layers of your muscle tissue, and release chronic patterns of tension with deep pressure and slow strokes.
80 or 110 minutes
starting at $290
A unique body massage for ultimate relaxation. Warm volcanic stones are utilized to heat and diffuse warmth throughout the body, allowing your therapist to effectively relieve built-up stress and tension. This treatment eliminates all traces of stress and fatigue.
50, 80 or 110 minutes
starting at $210
Relieve tightness and tension stored in your muscles with our assisted stretching massage. Stretching increases blood flow, leading to a better range of motion.
Treat your skin for what it is: the largest organ in your body and your most heroic line of defense against the elements. Here, the body is brought into balance, and prepared for another legendary day.

9am – 5pm
Reservations are required.
Massage - The Windsor Court
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Please note that the fitness center and pool area, while on the same floor, are in a separate location from The Spa and are co-ed facilities.
The Windsor Court Spa robes and sandals are available for purchase after your treatments. If you do not wish to purchase, please leave these items in the locker rooms upon check out.

The Windsor Court Spa, License Number E2995